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THE MOCHI MAKERS ​by Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson

Simon & Schuster/Beach Lane Books (March 19, 2024)

ISBN13: 9781665931540

the-mochi-makers-9781665931540_hr (1).jpg

Coming in 2025:

SHELL SONG ​by Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson

Simon & Schuster/Beach Lane Books (spring 2025)

Publisher's Weekly Announcement: Danielle Collins at S&S/Beach Lane Books has acquired Shell Song, a family-history-based picture book by author-illustrator Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson. When a girl's Japanese American grandfather is unjustly arrested and sent to an incarceration camp in Hawaii during WWII, collecting seashells becomes a source of comfort and hope for him, his family, and future generations. Publication is scheduled for spring 2025; Anne Moore Armstrong at the Bright Agency sold world rights.
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